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I just wanted to say Thank you. 
My daughter Ahnyka went for there for the first time to see 
Kim and Dr Szafarek and she LOVED it! And, as you know it 
is really difficult to impress a pre-teen girl, lol. 
She kept going on about how nice everyone was, 
how much everyone smiled there, and how Kim and 
Dr Szafarek talked directly to her instead of me. 
So, having her like going to a Dr office makes my life much easier. 
So again, Thank you. 
My only regret........Not looking into changing dentists earlier :)


love all of you~always proffessional and sincerely caring
Alexis H.

I felt like Dr. Szafarek thoroughly studied my case,
clearly communicated my treatment options, meticulously
and artfully carried out the treatment
and made the overall experience painless and even pleasurable
Gregg L.

Very experienced and professional staff 
I have always been greeted by very friendly yet professional staff.
Any treatment I have received has been explained fully and accurately to me.
Heidi R.


This dental group is extremely informative and helpful.
A wonderful dentist and staff; they always make my visits very relaxing!
 Great Dentist!

Sue L.

Very knowledgable and interested in promoting natural

ways of maintaining teeth and gums,
but if you need intervention/cosmetic help
they do that too!

        Bernice- you have provided me with more info regarding my dentistry in two visits than my previous dentist did in over 10 years.  Front desk staff: friendly, wlecoming and helpful.  Dorota is very sweet and kind.  I love the massaging chair and you folks have GREAT taste in music.  I just need to remember to bring a sweater because it's a little cool; but I understand you are all well dressed and moving around a lot.  Overall, so far very pleased.  THANK YOU

Yolanda Negron-Remember R' Troops : )

I enjoy having Kim clean my teeth, it's like catching up with a high school friend, she remembers where I work and what was going on in my life 6 months ago. Kristi is always pleasant and has a great sense of humor.  I feel like a family member or a friend, they truely care about their clients

-Christine L.

    I am the world's biggest sissy, but Dr. Szafare has a soothing manner and hands like butterfly wings.  I'm still a coward, but I like to go to my dentist!  If you are looking for staff that is more like friends and family, you dont have to look any further, I give out Dr. Szafarek's business cards to everyone!

Cynthia J.

After several years as a patient in a dental college, I needed regular care.  When I learned Bernice worked to educate children early on about care and hygiene she seemed like the one for me.  We had a horrible family dentist growing up as a kid so it was delightful to be a patient of Szafarek Dental starting about the mid 80's.  Without question the staff that Bernice has working for her are courteous, professional, and prompt.  Aside from regularly scheduled appts obtaining a quick appt for a new or pressing dental issue is not a hassle or effort.  I am always made comfortable which is a key ingredient to successful dental experiences.  In addition to my new supersmile all the health and technical related aspects to my dental concerns are comprehensive and focused on my particular needs.  My dental health is efficiently monitored continuously.

M. Ballard

 Don't wait to make an appointment! I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and Dr Szafarek. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who has feared dentistry in the past. THANK YOU! FB 

Dear Dr. Szafarek,

I’d been going to the same dentist my whole life.  I even worked for them in the reception office for ten years.  However after losing my job there and buying a house in Columbia I wanted a new local dentist.  I saw your ad in Columbia Crossroads and checked out your website & was very impressed.  Everyone is so friendly!  I was also impressed with the technology used in the office, instant x-rays were great. I loved that every procedure was explained.  I feel that Szafarek Dental is a friendly and inviting dental office and the staff goes above  + beyond to make sure that you are comfortable and understand what is going on.

Kristina O.

Dear Dr. Szafarek,

When I moved to CT more than 25 years ago I was fortunate enough to find a dental practice in Hebron.  When Dr. Szafarek opened her own office in Columbia I happily followed her.  I love that Dr. Szafarek stays current in her practice and brings in new technology to share with her staff and patients.  I also enjoy seeing all the staff who are always warm, friendly, and professional.  On a little personal note, I so enjoy seeing pictures of the staffs children, hearing about vacations, children’s progress, and checking out “great” shoes.  I stay with Dr. Szafarek and her staff because of the years of wonderful dental care that my children and I received.  I look forward to the warm and friendly greetings.  It’s like being with friends…trusted friends.

Peggy R.

Dear Dr. Szafarek,

I was referred to Dr. Szafarek when I moved to the Hebron area and her practice was in town.  The office is run efficiently-staff are always courteous.  Kim and Dr. Szafarek explain all the procedures and answer all my questions completely.  I know I’m maintaining my dental health and I receive consistently thorough and efficient care.

Susan G.

Dear Dr. Szafarek,

I knew my teeth needed straightening + whitening.  I saw the TV commercials and felt that this was the place for me.  I was told up front what needed to be done, the cost and what my insurance would cover.

Linda W.


March 22, 2010

Dear Dr. Szafarek,

I can't thank you enough for being there today while I had my perio surgery. It's true, I was nervous about the whole thing, but once you arrived I knew I was in expert and caring hands -- that all would go well.

January 2010

Dear Dr. Szafarek & Staff-

I want to thank you and all your wonderful staff for making a trip to the dentist a more relaxing experience. Thanks for all the recent work you have done to get my smile back to where it needed to be. I had put off going to the dentist for some time due to my overwhelming fears from past experiences. I first called and spoke to Stefanie to make my first appointment, I was a bit nervous upon arriving but Kristi remembered speaking with me and there was no long wait in the waiting room I was taken right in. After meeting you I felt the nervousness subside and a confidence that I was in good hands come over me.

Kristi does a great and efficient job handling all the insurance paperwork and Kim makes getting your teeth cleaned enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of going to the dentist but has put it off to stop waiting, pick up that phone and call your office, they'll be glad they did. Your office environment is very welcoming and the staff is very accommodating and friendly. I am glad I am a patient of yours. Thanks again!

A. J.

November 13, 2009

Dear Dr. Szafarek,

I am sending this brief note to thank you for the highly competent and professional care that I received from you during my recent visit to have old fillings replaced. For about the last twenty years my dental care had been provided by the same dentist. Whenever I required Novocain for a procedure, my stress level skyrocketed due to the amount of time it took for the Novocain to become effective and because of the number of injections I had to receive. I'd be given an injection and when it hadn't worked in 20 minutes or so I was given another injection and then another and possibly another. I was so surprised to have the first injection of Novocain you administered work almost immediately. You explained that you were interested in anatomy and took specific classes to insure that when you injected a patient it was in the correct spot. Then to my surprise, when the Novocain wore off I did NOT have pain at the injection site. Usually the injection site pain would continue for 4 or 5 days after my dental procedure.

I am thankful to have found a dentist that I feel I can trust to provide high quality care. Though I don't look forward to the dental work that I still need to have done, I do have the peace of mind that comes from believing that I will receive competent and compassionate care.



Dear Dr Szafarek,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been working with you and your team. I have been to several different dentists over the years, but I have never felt so included in the process of determing my dental needs and how best to achieve them. You and your team listened to me and took the time to carefully explain all of my options. You and Marge always made sure that I was comfortable during my long appointments. The entire staff made me feel like I really mattered...that I was more than just another patient. I can honestly say that I actually look forward to going to the dentist now...

I also want to thank Kristi for all of her efforts in researching my dental coverage and coming up with a 2-part plan that works in my best interest.

Windham, CT

"Not only did I not feel any pain when you prepped (2) of my large molars for crowns, but there was no pain after the Novocain wore off. If you only knew how much I had to work myself up to even come in to have that work done. I think it will be allot easier for me from now on."

"It's so nice being treated as a person, not just a patient associated with an insurance record ID."

"The mouth piece that kept my mouth open during the procedure is a terrific device I've never encountered before. Very considerate for patient comfort."

"I like the cheerful friendly atmosphere."
"I'm made to feel valued, as a person and not just another number."
"I like the hours, the pain free treatment, and that treatment is explained thoroughly."
" I like the friendly attitude and excellent work."
" I like the concern and comfort that the office shows to the patients."
" I like that the doctor understands my low pain tolerance."
" It is a warm and welcoming place, definitely an anxiety reducing place."
" I like the comfortable yet professional atmosphere."
"I like the very professional, stable staff - not a lot of turnover, well managed appointment system, no hassle insurance billing."
"One time I was cold while I was having treatment done and there was a blanket available for me to use. Thanks."
"I am very pleased with your operation and continue to come even though I have moved further away and location is a minor problem! People will travel for good service!"
"What I like best about the office is I never have to wait upon arrival for my appointment or my kids appointment."
"I think you all do a wonderful job."
"Every one is nice and caring. Everyone in the office, especially Kim, have gone out of their way to make me comfortable and alleviate my fear of going to the dentist."
"Your office hours are great, even when I schedule a cleaning on my lunch hour. I get in and out on time to make it back to work. I never wait more than one minute."


 "I knew my teeth needed straightening + whitening.  I saw the TV commercials and felt that this was the place    for me.  I was told up front what needed to be done, the cost, and what my insurance would cover."


N. Windham CT

Dr. Szafarek is obviously very bright and yet very down to earth.  She is thorough in a way I havent experienced before.  Her office is a technological marvel.  It all came together for me at the 2nd appointement evaluation which I remember as a testiment to clarity, precision and caring.  I was impressed, and continue to be grateful.

A. G.,

North Windham CT

I came to Szafarek Dental feeling the need to battle YEARS of fear and get my smile + health back! Everyone is so friendly and GENTLE!