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April 06, 2011
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The Dental team is much like a basketball team.  The Dentist is the point guard.  She sets up the treatments and coordinates with the rest of the team how to provide care effectively and smoothly.  The assistant is much like the shooting guard.  They continue the followthrough of plays and provide the treatment and care the dentist has ordered.  The small forward is like the office manager, juggling different issues and passing treatments throughout.  The hygienist is like the power forward.  Skilled in preventing disease in the mouth but also taking care of the rebound and caring for tooth structures after a procedure.  The center is much like the front desk.  It is the most visible position and has to be capable of following a play from start to finish of every patient and be able to manage others as well.  Like any team when they work together and communicate they are terrific, just like us at Szafarek Dental